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Hermés: Tradition in silk scarves

Since 1937 Hermés, with its silk scarves, represents the pinnacle of luxury items.

His first design was made by a member of the family, Robert Dumas, in a wood.

To date there are already more than 2000 designs that the firm has launched in different formats and sizes.

The entire manufacturing process: design, conception and production takes around 2 years, which guarantees the perfection of the final product.

The company employs nearly 50 talented artists from all over the world, from illustrators to painters to designers, who create 20 designs a year.

The models are maintained, however the colors and designs are adapting to trends although they always retain their imperishable character.

Each piece is unique, for us at Ecuadorian Scarff, Hermés represents an inspiration in our exclusive creations made entirely in Ecuador.

Grand Tralala scarf 90
L'Epopee d'Hermes Detail scarf 70
Duo Cosmique scarf 90

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